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The Uganda Writers Caravan and The Book Caravan

The Uganda Writers Caravan is an activity that was created by FEMRITE in 2014 with support of the Prince Claus Fund. Since inception, four writers caravans and one book Caravan have so far been held. The objectives of the caravan include: To create a platform for public engagement through literature, To bring to life Ugandan Literature, To promote Ugandan literature by taking it to its communities, To create a platform for writers to interact with their audiences, To reconnect writers to their communities and To rejuvenate creativity and inspire new writings, ideas and thoughts. Reflecting on the caravan, Lillian Tindyeba, lecturer at Kabale University says, “As a writer, I was happy that students were able to meet authors that come from their areas, speak their language, are of the same clan and are still all alive! I remember meeting students who openly told me that they thought all authors were dead. If you think that all authors are dead, then you cannot aspire to be one! I was also happy to see some spontaneous talent exhibited by some of the students we met to write poetry not only in English but also in their mother tongue. Writing is the practical aspect of language, so it was good to see the activities of the caravan taking language from the theory sector into the practical aspect, where we could use it to entertain and also show that language can do much more than we hitherto thought it could. If it was possible, the idea of the caravan could be taken further than it is.”

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