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The Readers Writers Club

The club is one of the earliest of FEMRITE activities, having started in 1998. It was born out of the need for a safe space where members could hold the most difficult conversations. Indeed, it has grown into the safest space in Kampala where one cries and it is okay, a space where one walks away and returns to a hug, a space where writers present their work and receive constructive feedback.

FEMRITE recognizes the input Ms Claudia Blake, a friend of FEMRITE who offered space at Rwenzori House, for the initial club meetings. Membership to the club is open to both men and women interested in books and writing. Club is held every Monday from 17.30hours to 19.30pm at the FEMRITE courtyard; a cosy evening meeting always winds up with a cup of tea and coffee. Currently there is no membership and subscription fees to the club but members have the obligation to make financial and material contributions they can afford, towards club upkeep. This flexible approach is aimed at encouraging all interested parties to participate. Membership to the club is fluid and members attend according to their availability. There is a very interesting mix of the club membership. There are accomplished writers who just want to be part of the discussion, upcoming writers who feedback on their work, readers who just enjoy reading and critiquing and students from institutions of higher learning who are interested in literary discussions. Club has been a major training ground for most members who attend. Some of the most tangible achievements of club are the Painted Voices poetry anthologies. Club is open to the public.

You can join the club now and make the space warmer!

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