Author of the Month


Written by femrite

FEMRITE invites you to yet another session of AUTHOR OF THE MONTH at the Readers Writers Club on Monday 16th April 2018, 5:30PM at FEMRITE offices.

MASKARM HAILE from Ethiopia,  is the author of a travel memoir, “Abyssinian Normad”. She is a travel junkie, lover of world cultures, people, food, self-discovery, and captivating stories. Her travel passion was ignited when she followed her mother on a humanitarian mission in Ethiopia, and by her multicultural childhood friends in Ethiopia. Having lived a life of adventure, challenge, and traveling in more than 100 countries, Maskarm Haile encourages others to pursue their own dreams—whether in the personal or professional realm.

Maskarm Haile says this about “Abyssian Normad”: What does it take to know oneself? To fully realize one’s life dream? For some it may take a lifetime, and for others, the chance may never come. There are those who dream and have the courage to take the first steps past the threshold of familiarity. Their stories, liked mine, are etched on the avenues we dare to traverse. The cape to Cairo road is where I, a black female soulsearcher, faced my greatest trial in confronting my fear of losing my mother to cancer, trying to keep old love alive, and make my childhood dream come true.

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