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Muthoni writes articles of cultural orientation and significance, such as the meaning of African names. Some of these articles are on her blog that is hosted by dot 9 of the Nation Media Group, the largest media house in the Kenya. Other topics to be found in her blog include themes on heritage, gender and youth issues. She has also been a contributor to the East African Standard in the co-oped pages in previous years. Her articles have been shared online on muck ruck as well.

Muthoni has worked in the heritage sector for the last twenty years exposing her to multi-cultural environments and peoples. This bestows on her writing an international outlook while drawing heavily on local Kenyan experiences. A leader in her professional life, she is the current chairperson of the International Council of Museums Kenya-chapter and a peer reviewer for the Journal Museum International. She has been editor in chief for the now defunct Nation Museums of Kenya (NMK) magazine NMK Horizons, in which she wrote numerous article. She has also contributed to the magazine Kenya past & present.

Muthoni has a background in anthropology, works in the business section of a Heritage management institution and teaches on a part-time basis in the public university system in Kenya. She has been a curator of the historical house Karen Blixen Museum. A highly motivated individual, she communicates fluently in three languages, across a variety of cultures and multiple layers within a large organization. She has been an effective communicator in the Public Relations profession for the better part of her career. These experiences have greatly shaped and increased her passion for storytelling.

She lives and works in the capital city of Kenya, Nairobi, popularly known as ‘the city in the sun’. She is originally from Ikinu a small village in central Kenya. In her village there is a natural water well near the Matorobi river that has not dried up since the beginning. No one seems to remember when that was. She hopes to write stories about Africa from a place that never dries, just like the well.

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