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FEMRITE/GOETHE artist; Rehema Nanfuka and other story-tellers

Written by femrite

FEMRITE in partnership with Goethe institute will host performing artist Rehema Nafuka and other story tellers on 6th DECEMBER, 6PM at the Goethe Institute. The story tellers include Williams Otako, Katongole Henry Nathan, Segujja micheal, Nicholas and Sue ANIQUE.


The Story-telling Evening, will be an intimate night of story sharing. The main focus will be true stories, told live by brave participants. These amazing participants will present a 5 to 10 minute story each, about their lives. Stories about knee-buckling moments and humorous moments. Stories about the battles they have fought and won or are still fighting. Stories about the journeys they have taken or are still taking. We invite you all to come along on this journey!


Rehema Nanfuka is an award winning actress, writer producer and director. She has acted in films like Queen of Katwe, Imani, Imperial Blue, The Pardon, Haunted Souls and more. She has also done a number of Ugandan television series, like Yat Madit and Kakibe ki on NTV Uganda, and featured in commercials for Milkman and Airtel. She has also acted in theatre productions like, Tropical Fish, Macbeth, Ga-Ad!, The Laramie project, The body of a woman as a battlefield in the Bosnian war, No Exit and many more.

Rehema is absolutely thrilled to have facilitated the workshop which resulted into the brilliant stories that are going to be shared during the Story-telling Evening.

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