ZURA MAIDS, a novel by Apio Eunise Otuko

Written by femrite

Latest Novel, ZURA MAIDS by Apio Eunise Otuko

A girl lured from her village into the clutches of traffickers finds herself in prison. After enduring two years in jail, she is finally free and sets out to reunite with her family in Acokara, northern Uganda. But the traffickers are quicker than her and this time they have her sister.

The Zura Maids is a powerful testimony of what creative writing can do as a tool against social injustices. It creatively explores the reality of trafficking in today’s global village through the experiences of a young fictional character, Lena Ayugi. This book is a must have for every girl, woman and youth! It’s a must have for everyone who is against trafficking of people!

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