FEMRITE@20 CONFERENCE PRESENTER; Vicky Sylvester Mnguember

Written by femrite

Beyond Intertextuality: Self-Reclamative Narratives in Efuru, The Last of the Strong Ones and

Mnguember Vicky Sylvester (Ph.D)
Department of English
University of Abuja – Nigeria


Flora Nwapa’s novel Efuru is no doubt, a metatext that remains a gender memento pioneering the first wave African women writers. Her reinvention of women challenged women’s representation in the earlier Nigeria novels of Cyprain Ekwensi and Chinua Achebe, the father of African literature. Nwapa and women writers after her laced their works with strong, independent women characters under the historical spaces of Nigerian women’s activism. They re-invented women that were to become mercy flight for second wave writers like Akachi Ezeigbo as aptly captured in her trilogy beginning with The Last of the Strong Ones and recent writings such as Chimamanda Adichie’s Americana which is global and cosmopolitan. This paper will not only focus on the intertextual links between the noted texts but will go beyond to critics like Molara Ogundipe and critique the reconstructions and activism that have repositioned gender in Nigerian literature. These writings are masterpieces of literary production in the 21st century in a global context.

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